Silver Image Photography was founded in 1998 with a focus on wedding and portrait photography. After switching to digital in 2003, our focus was shifted to portraiture and events, both private and corporate.

In 2007, we recognized the need for photographers trained in working with special needs children. This quickly became a passionate direction for us that we continue today.

Our work is more traditional with great emphasis put on creating an image in the camera and not relying on Photoshop to create that image. We take a great amount of pride in seeing a nearly finished image on camera’s display. To do this, each image must be properly lit, composed and focused.

Our portrait work is often created on location as environmental portraits or by setting up our complete portable studio system. If you prefer, you may also come into the photography studio that is equipped with a large assortment of sets, backgrounds and props.

As a member of the New Hampshire Professional Photographers’ Association since 1998, we attend several educational events each year to further our photographic and business skills. We have speakers from across the country come and share their knowledge with us at events like our annual convention in North Conway, NH.

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